Love More, Fear Less

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Love More, Fear Less

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Joan and Jane are Therapy Twins. Identical twin sisters, former therapists turned Psychiatric Entertainers, and  lifelong seekers who use their own brand of humor and vulnerability to tell revealing stories about their childhood, family, marriages, divorces, dating, and motherhood… and how they uncovered and overcame all their trauma. Their mission is to help people love more and fear less.

The Therapy Twins holding stones that say live and laugh

Trauma Happens.
Forgive Your Past.

We all know trauma. It comes in big packages—abuse, addiction, illness, death—and small ones—wrecked relationships, self-doubt, insecurity, miscommunication.

Joan and Jane help people understand and heal trauma and get out ahead of the devastating impact it can have on relationships, families, and communities.

Using the connection of their unique relationship, shared history, love of irreverence, and sense of humor, Joan and Jane find out the why behind trauma and look for the root emotions that surround the scenario.

“Trauma is something we try to forget, so we use maladjusted behaviors like drinking, drugs, promiscuity, food, or shopping to bury it. We help people explore their ‘worst’ memories. We uncover secrets and shadows, hauling everything out into the open like the buried treasure it can be—because trauma can lead to awareness, which is the path to freedom and joy.”

– Joan & Jane

Get Over It
Embrace Your Present.

One size does not fit all when it comes to relationships.

Too many people never move forward in relationships (or life) because they can’t (or don’t want to) forgive. Joan and Jane help them see that they are the ones suffering. The key is to get them unstuck so they can embrace the present, recognizing and forgiving all its flaws and imperfections.

“We all have this very annoying habit of being human, and it really gets under our collective skin…

We get it, we’re twins. Nobody annoys each other more than we do. So we use stories from our own lives to help people redefine relationships and boost forgiveness, of themselves and others.”

– Joan & Jane

Walk Through It.
Move Forward With Love.

Love is the answer, but so many people disagree with that simple truth. To live a better, happier life, we have to view others through a more loving lens.

The twin obstacles to compassion and tolerance are anger and fear. (Anger is the secondary emotion. Fear is the real troublemaker.) When you are stuck in anger, you are not really living. You have lost the ability to compromise. Divisions sprout up everywhere.

“We help people reframe the anger and embrace it, understand it, then put it to rest. You can’t run away from your anger. You can’t even skirt around it—you have to walk through it to leave it behind.”

– Joan & Jane